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4/27/2022 UPDATE: Orders are going out daily with great feedback.  Enjoy a tapered punch funnel today. 

Reloader's rejoice... The Alpha Dropper Powder Funnel is here and it’s compatible with All Dillon powder measures.  This funnel was designed from scratch and takes care of any and all issues associated with the sub par funnels that were previously available.  This is compatitlbe with bullet feeding dies.

The benefits:

- Material used is overkill... 30 Hrc internally hardness with a 67 Hrc hard low friction surface finish.  

-No more sticky scratched up worn out funnels.

-The machine polished punch tip is tapered to greatly reduce the sticky release chunk on the upstroke.

-That same taper is perfectly sized to capture your bullet tightly.  All bullet types tested 100%.  Your bullet tipping over on index problem is now reduced.

-Ported and polished powder path for maximum flow and it’s Larger than anything available.

-With the Alpha Dropper you will experience a more consistent powder flow rate as well as tight bullet placement. It’s the last powder funnel that you will ever need to purchase.


** Powder measure die adjustment IS needed.... 


Machine 9mm Starting Point 40s&w Starting Point 45acp Starting Point
550B 1.830 1.910 1.960
650XL 1.725 1.805 1.855
1050 1.750 1.830 1.880
RL1100 1.750 1.830 1.880

** DO NOT DRIVE THE FUNNEL TO FULL DEPTH... that will over bell the case and kill bullet neck tension.  The chart above is a starting point.

** Measure your previous brass for your favorite bell diameter.. setup the Alpha Dropper to match OR LESS, but do understand that unless you run new brass, you have lots of variables.  The Alpha Dropper will typically run perfectly with way LESS bell.. remember it's a taper now... 

** Some have reported of their Alpha Dropper top funnel locking onto the Dillon powder measure out tube.. don't panic.  We have great reports from commercial reloaders of a more consistent charge.. It rides with the measure and doesn't allow for loose powder to get caught in the gap.

** 9mm/38sc Typical Brass Bell measured Outer Diameter: 0.385-0.390.  Also refer to chart above.

** 40s&w/10mm Typical Brass Bell measured Outer Diameter: 0.435.  Also refer to chart above.

** Keep your funnel clean, we recommend using XXXX Steel Wool.

** We also recommend using Brass Juice case lube for your reloading.  


  • 5
    9mm Powder Drop & EXCELLENT customer service!!!

    Posted by Andy Phillips on May 1st 2022

    Some piece of trash stole my first one out of my mailbox, and after it was replaced (for free I might add!) it's been a fantastic product! No more sticking on my 1050 and wet tumbled brass and Ammobot is much happier now! A+ product and support!!!

  • 5
    Totally best on market

    Posted by Larry Scott on Mar 17th 2022

    I have tried the OEM version of this built out of junk metal and not finished good. This product is as smooth as a baby’s butt and does not leave any brass shavings at all! OEM one I had to polish the grooves out of it!! This one saved me sooo much time

  • 5

    Posted by CHAMBERLAIN on May 24th 2021

    These work as described, though there is still a light hitch when the toolhead goes up, however it is no where near as severe as with the MRBF expander dropper.

  • 5
    Alpha Dropper Powder Funnel

    Posted by MrXman on May 3rd 2021

    Purchased the 9mm and the .45 ACP funnels. I have tried the 9mm funnel at it works well. Found it much easier to expand cases to fit polymer coated bullets. Top notch product here.

  • 2
    Jams and sticks on the powder measure

    Posted by Chris Roberts on Feb 23rd 2021

    The inside top of this funnel is tapered. The Dillon powder measure has a flat base, and jams into the taper. This creates an inconsistent amount of flare on the case and the funnel jams on the powder funnel causing rough operation. The top of the funnel should match the Dillon shape to avoid this. The funnels are also longer than the standard funnel for no reason. So far disappointed with these and not using them. SSI: We offered a full refund on both Alpha Droppers. We also plan to replace his Dillon Powder Measures if the Alpha Dropper did in fact damage it. Chris: I’ve looked closer at the measure and there isn’t any visible damage. There is a slight roundness to the drop tube of the measure where it meets the funnel but it’s obviously hardened. So I will say there is no damage to my measures although I’ve only loaded 100 or so rounds. Attached are some pictures. Note how the funnel will actually bind on the end of the measure, with very little force. The Mr Bullet Feeder & UniqueTek funnels don’t do that. They have a shorter, sharper angled funnel opening, and the measure can’t bind in them. Note how the black coating on your funnel has a wear line and the measure drop tube has cut through the coating. I prefer the case mouth shape of your funnel design - that’s why I bought them. But they stick on the measure, which makes it jerk and stick. If your funnel had a different opening that didn’t bind on the measure it would be the best design.

  • 5
    Alpha Dripper Powder Funnel

    Posted by Chris Taylor on Feb 20th 2021

    Works nicely, closest to a Lyman Type M I've found for my 750

  • 5
    Need another set so I ALWAYS have these!

    Posted by TL on Dec 31st 2020

    I bought all three calibers. Used all three. Tossed ALL my Dillon powder funnels. Now I need to order backups for all three so I never have to use another funnel again!

  • 4
    Alpha dropper funnel

    Posted by Phillip on Dec 8th 2020

    Excellent product! Fixed all of my funnel sticking issues while creating a better flare!

  • 4

    Posted by Derk on Dec 8th 2020

    So far 6000 rounds of nine and no issues. It was shipped fast. Thank you