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Alpha Dropper Expander Die

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The Alpha Dropper Expander Die option is here.  Commercial machines want the awesome Alpha Dropper Taper.  This funnel was designed from scratch and takes care of any and all issues associated with the sub par funnels that were previously available.  This is compatitlbe with bullet feeding dies.

The benefits:

- Material used is overkill... 30 Hrc internally hardness with a 67 Hrc hard low friction surface finish.  

-No more sticky scratched up worn out funnels.

-The machine polished punch tip is tapered to greatly reduce the sticky release chunk on the upstroke.

-That same taper is perfectly sized to capture your bullet tightly.  All bullet types tested 100%.  Your bullet tipping over on index problem is now reduced.


** Expander die adjustment IS needed.... 


Machine 9mm Starting Point 40s&w Starting Point 45acp Starting Point 38 Super Comp Starting Point
1050 RL1100 2.045 2.125 2.175


M7 REVO 2.070 2.150 2.200 no data
M7 EVO 2.065 2.145 2.195 no data
M7 APEX 2.040 2.120 2.170 no data


** DO NOT DRIVE THE FUNNEL TO FULL DEPTH... that will over bell the case and kill bullet neck tension.  The chart above is a starting point.

** Measure your previous brass for your favorite bell diameter.. setup the Alpha Dropper to match OR LESS, but do understand that unless you run new brass, you have lots of variables.  The Alpha Dropper will typically run perfectly with way LESS bell.. remember it's a taper now... 

** 9mm/38sc Typical Brass Bell measured Outer Diameter: 0.385-0.390.  Also refer to chart above.

** 40s&w/10mm Typical Brass Bell measured Outer Diameter: 0.435.  Also refer to chart above.

** Keep your funnel clean, we recommend using XXXX Steel Wool.

** We also recommend using Brass Juice case lube for your reloading.  

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  • 5
    Best expander on the market

    Posted by John on Mar 10th 2024

    If you want the best expander die on the market, look not further. The one piece design means you’ll never have to worry about parts breaking and ruining other components on your press. This is my go to whenever we get a new machine

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