Alpha Bullet Funnel

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Reloader's rejoice... The Alpha Bullet Funnel is here and it’s compatible with All Mr. Bullet Feeders (Standard and Pro).  This funnel was designed from scratch and takes care of any and all issues associated with bullet clogs at the drop zone.  The factory oversized "one size fits all" funnel can drop the bullet early, tumbling the bullet sizeways.  More of a problem with short bullets as they rotate further to then lock up.  The Alpha Dropper Bullet Funnel is caliber specific and tested on all length of bullets available.

The benefits:

- Nice slick SLS material will last forever.  

- Funnel has multiple detents for the locking screw, if the screw comes loose the funnel will stay in position.

- Internally radiused through and through to ensure a smooth ride into the spring tube.

- Three spiral access points to inspect if your funnel needs a bath.