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This is the smoothest and lightest Drop-In Glock trigger connector made. The UNIT 3.0 includes an over-travel tab that shortens overall trigger movement. This Glock connector, in combination with its patented design for smoothness, provides for more accurate shooting and faster follow-up shots.

 The name for the GHOST UNIT 3.0 Drop-In comes from the first U.S. Military organization to adopt a Ghost Trigger. The UNIT (aka: U.S. Army DELTA Force) is the pinnacle of all military organizations.

 We wanted to honor these warriors and thank them for using our products.

The GHOST UNIT 3.0 is a Drop-In connector for all Glocks® INCLUDING the GLOCK® PERFORMANCE TRIGGER and all pistols that use the Glock pattern.

  • Millions sold because-ONLY HITS COUNT!!
  • Be a GHOSTMAKER not a ghost!
  • A portion of all sales will go to SOC-F
  • Patented 9,062,925



Ghost Complete Trigger Spring Kit

This is a complete drop in trigger kit is designed to help you fine tune and improve your trigger pull, and function in competition pistols, and for Self defense Carry or Hunting pistols.

Included in the kit are 4 Drop in Springs:

  • 4lb Reduced Power Striker Spring- to only be used for a strictly target or competition set up.

Please Note: The 4.0 lb Firing Pin Spring may cause light primer strikes in some pistols and this is the Target/Sport configuration. For Self Defense or in a 10mm/45 caliber GLOCK we recommend the 6.0 lb firing pin spring or keep stock firing pin spring and use the 6lb. trigger spring and the reduced power safety plunger spring.

  • 6lb Extra Power Striker Spring- use this to increase the strike power and makes for a faster reset.
  • Reduced Power Safety Block Plunger Spring- smooth out the bump as the safety plunger is engaged.
  • 6lb Extra Power Trigger Spring (Extra power reduces the pull weight)- The heavier weight offsets the added weight of the striker. This is an assisting spring and lightens up the trigger press. This spring is not used on GEN 5 Glock's

The Ghost Complete Drop in Spring Kit gives your Glock a smooth, crisp, lightened Trigger pull that helps promote consistent, match-grade accuracy. You can change specific springs to improve a particular aspect of the trigger pull, or do a complete upgrade.

Accurately calibrated spring weights deliver consistent force through the entire compression and release cycle to give you a light, refined trigger pull without sacrificing the reliability of your pistols Safe Action system. Trigger Spring has nearly 30% more power than factory spring, which actually reduces pull by as much as 1 lb. for improved control. This produces faster trigger reset for quicker follow up shots. Reduced power Safety Spring reduces friction caused by the firing pin safety, further smoothing the pull. Striker Spring is designed for improved consistency and durability over factory spring.

You can choose the Competition Lighter Striker Spring or the Heavier Self Defense Striker spring.

This Connector is perfect for CCW Self-Defense and or competition.

Recommended: A gunsmith or armorer should install this connector.