To Blog or not to Blog...

To Blog or not to Blog...

Posted by Nathan Carter on Apr 18th 2022

Well to give an SSI product update.... Materials and schedule conflicts are finally coming to an end and the annual Nitro Fin Thumbrest restock will happen this month. We/ve updated the CZ/Tanfo Nitro Fins to 1.2 moving forward. The latest CZ Shadow 2 import provided new tolerances and enhancements to chase. The 1.2 version will be compatible with old and new imports.

We are bringing SLS processing in-house and our first product is the rerelease of the MPX Bottom Feeder. Being in house SLS.. expect a great price. Lot's of prototype work and new products on the way.

To add more of an experience to the SSI website.. The Amazon Link page was created. This is an Amazon Affiliate based page that I've hand selected products that are personnaly used day in and day out.

Area 6 was a great experience.. Lots of notes. Thanks for letting me know what you need and want at these matches.

1st place: Hearing protection.. What I use and was seen by most is the Sordin Supreme Pro X. I prefer the Gel pad version for all day comfort with any eye protection.

2nd was hand warmers... Especially the rechargeable units seen all day.

3rd was tools.. people can break stuff or fasteners can come loose. This kit has everything you could ever imagine and doesn't take up much room.

So I'll be working towards bringing more new SSI products to market and more items to stock up on at this state and regional matches. Next match for us is the NC Carolina Classic. Thanks again for supporting me and my family. You keep this small business rolling.