Posted by Nathan Carter on Dec 8th 2021

Just in time for Christmas

Tungsten is HOT and we got our restock done today.  Thanks again for the support!!!  This small business has big big plans to grow in 2022.. Buckle up!!

Posted by Nathan Carter on Jun 13th 2021

JUNE 2021

Hello from Shooting Sports Innovations.  Sorry for the lack of newsletters and blog updates.  We have a HEAVY part restock around the corner and brass 4.0 Scale grips.  We have full int …

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April Update, NEW PRODUCT

Posted by Nathan Carter on Apr 14th 2020

April Update, NEW PRODUCT

Good morning and stay safe during these tough times. Keep the faith SSI fans... We haven't stepped off the design gas pedal. Of the three new products we plan to release in 2020, the first one is av …

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Sep 1st 2019

Labor Day Update

Don't for get to use code Hi5 for 5% off.We are taking preorders for the MPX Billet Extractor and Tanfo NitroFin Thumbrest.. both went out for black nitride work.  Ordered for polished Tanfo Nitr …

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Posted by Nathan Carter on Aug 14th 2019

Welcome to the new webstore.

SHOOTING SPORTS INNOVATIONSUnique product innovations for the shooting sport world.That mission statement remains our passion and our motivation. We continue to release product innovations every year …

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