AR Shelf Grip

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The Enhanced AR grip is now available.  Based on the very popular AK AKula grip for ARs.


Increased surface area and custom angles allows for MORE control in competition or tactical scenarios.

A must on reloads when the support hand is off the gun.

Fits most AR Platforms.

Lightweight SLS at 3.4 oz

Locking lug texture brought over from the SSI Scale grips.  Texture that works without the hurt.

Large model is 0.250 longer for those large claws.. as always, you can return/exchange as needed, just reach out.

Shelf location isn't adjustable and was a concern during R&D, but we compared similiar shelf grips, their adjustable shelf was set as high as possible.  We put it in a great location based on multiple hand shapes and if you need to adjust it you can remove material if needed.

Return if not satisfied for a full refund.