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Why do people love heavy steel grips?  Now you can move some weight to that location.  Do weigh your firearm and check your rules.

USPSA CARRY OPTICS     45 ounce max

USPSA PRODUCTION DIVISION   4 ounces over the listed weight.. The new 2018 max.

These “Scale” grips now have spikes. These sharp square micro lugs will dig in for the ride.  This change has been requested for those hot sweaty conditions.  Soft keyboard hands need not apply.  If you are looking for that next big thing to improve your shooting ability and overall control of your race pistol look no further than the “Scales 2.0 Brass” as it will steer you to a new level of competition!

**Fits Tanfoglio SMALL competition framed pistols.  Confirmed fit on Tanfoglio Stock II and Tanfoglio Limited Pro Pistols without the installed magwell.  Other models are compatable, but not confirmed by us. 

-  The unique scale design provides “extra” grip by allowing your hand to flow into the pockets, locking it in.

-  Overall width is based on the very widely used STI 2011 competition grip, width at base 1.285

-  Even sided upper scoop cuts to aid in mag release access, width at the scoop 1.110

-  Set weight: 3.875 Ounces, 109.85 Grams, Natural Brass Finish

-  Tanfo Scales come with one set of standard screws.

Install notes:  Scale grips are produced for a very tight fit.  Clean your frame of any carbon or thread locker build up.  Primarily check that the angled face that locates the front of the grip is clean.  When installing the screw, press the grip forward to ensure screw clearance to the frame. Insert your screws and check that it will thread in.  Do not proceed if the screw isn't a perfect 90 degree angle.  Only when the screw goes in perfectly straight should you proceed with the screw installation.  Please do not cross thread your frame or over tighten the screws.  FYI.... due to manufacturing processes, frames may have the fastener locations in different spots left vs right.  If you are not comfortable slotting the Scale grip screw hole to alow the screw to go in perfectly straight, seek the assistance of a qualified gunsmith.  Check that your screws are tight after and during your next match.  Blue thread locker on your grip screw is recommended. No liability is expressed or implied for damage or injury which may result from improper installation or use of this product.