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17 Round AK Combo Picklist

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17 Round

Product Description

This is the SSI 17 round Combo Picklist for AK style box fed shotguns.

-Use your SGM Tactical or Surefire Vepr-12 and Saiga-12 magazines.. Magazine not include.

-Add this extension and SSI spring to have a nice super reliable plus 6 setup.  Using the factory spring will not work.

-12 round mags become reloadable 17 round mag.

-Smooth slide on design that locks down with two setscrews.  Tools included...

-Uses the SSI Basepad or Factory SGM Tactical, Surefire Basepad.

-These are also modular and can be stacked, so if you want to go for a combo even bigger than what we recommend.. go for it.  

-These extensions have been match tested for months with half loaded drops with no issues, although we have replaced a few extensions due to repeated drops on hard surfaces in dryfire.  We recommend not using them in dry fire.  If you have this issue, send us a picture of the failure and we will send a replacement free of charge.  There are also plans to thicken up the areas effected.

NOTE: Chamfering the inside of the SGM magazine is required; instructional video below.

Tested Magazines and shotguns

AK: Vepr 12, KL, KS, Saiga, Elite, SMG and Surefire Mags

AR: VR60, VR60plus, VR80, VRBP100, VRPA40, Typhoon



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    mag extension

    Posted by JTS shooter on Apr 23rd 2024

    Running a JTS AK12 with saiga 12 round mag and this extension ran just fine for me