NITRO FIN 2.0, 2011 STI/SV Slide Lock Thumb Rest

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NF 2.0
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1/16/2023 UPDATE:  So everyone is asking about the DS Prodigy and will the Nitro Fin fit.. I am going to source one soon, but based on the online pictures... It looks like the Prodigy has a custom frame pocket cut that works with only their slide stop.  That being the case, initial thoughts is the Nitro Fin will need some file work to fit that pocket.  I will make a video showing what it takes... soon...  Thanks for the support.


NITRO FIN 2.0, STI, SV, Staccato 2011, Bul.


*Every opinion of the NITRO FIN 1.0 (2012 design) was used in creating the Shooting Sports Innovations Nitro Fin 2.0.


Listed below are the main key changes.

-THUMB REST PAD REDESIGN:  It's 0.150 WIDER, This came from the USPSA Open shooters mainly.. They needed it wider to compensate for the scope mount. We understand everyone has a different thumb and it's curved, so a flatter pad angle increased the surface area.  We undercut and reduced the rear section of the pad to eliminate any discomfort shooting weak handed.

-PIN QUALITY OVERHAUL:  We changed our methods of machining the pins.  This resulted in a no taper, tighter toleranced pin. Now 0.1995 with a 0.00025 tolerance. Longer pin to aid in removal and for wider frames.

-SLIDE TAB CALIBRATION:  We increased the height and changed it's shape to not contact Grams followers.  Also put a nice radius on that tab to aid in installation.

-LOWER THUMB SHIELD:  Some reported hitting the shield when racking the slide.  We lowered it to the min height.

-REAR DETENT BLOCK:  We averaged all the frames we could measure and made a recessed block to capture your slide stop plunger.  Ever experienced the slide locking back while shooting weak hand?  Kiss that problem good bye.

-Availble in machined polished or black nitride coating.  


PLEASE READ: Check your current slide lock for pin size.  Use caution test fitting it before test firing at the range.  The Nitro Fin by design fits close inside the slide lock relief of the frame, some gun smith work may be required. The Pin size is 0.1995 Slide lock does lock the slide back manually, but does not automatically on the last round. (Top Level Gunsmith Feature)   Shooting Sports Innovations stands behind all of its products.  If you have an issue, let us know.  However, firearms are inherently dangerous and must be treated with respect at all times.  Please make sure you are fully familiar with your firearm, how to use it safely, and that you follow the four rules of firearm safety at all times.  Shooting Sports Innovations cannot and will not be held responsible for any negligent use of any firearm or Shooting Sports Innovations products.

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    NITRO FIN 2.0 Thumb Rest

    Posted by Harbinger .45 on Aug 26th 2022

    100% drop in fit on Para 16-40. Shot numerous practice sessions and two matches and my thumb rests naturally on the device with no grip change. If you normally use the slide release, this device makes it harder to reliably use...not a flaw, just a fact. Still trying to figure out how much pressure to use, but I've already seen improvement. Much muscle memory to build because once the buzzer goes off, your established habits take over...unless your brain has more post-buzzer bandwidth than mine!

  • 2
    Staccato xc

    Posted by Jimmy on Aug 5th 2022

    Not compatible

  • 4
    Nitro fin 2.0 Thumb rest STI

    Posted by Angel A Rodríguez on Jul 15th 2022

    The product is excellent, I ordered it black and it arrived with several defects in the paint job. I have no issue with its operation, it helped me a lot in handling the weapon.

  • 5
    Fits SVI single stack

    Posted by PC on Jun 10th 2022

    I initially gave this product a 4 star review due to my error, hopefully that one can be deleted. I made the mistake of not putting on my magnifiers to look inside my frame to see a high spot that I missed while fitting. This caused my slide top to not ride up into the notch as high as it should. Because of my mistake, I gave this product a 4, but given that it does indeed ride up into the slide notch high enough, I'd like to revise my review to a 5. As I said in my initial review, the polished slide stop fit into my SVI single stack frame without issue. It did require minor fitting to manually engage my slide with as much surface contact as I want it. The polished stainless steel matches my polished small parts beautifully. The only part that isn't nicely polished is the side that faces the frame, but that's not an issue. I'm not a competitor, but having this thumb rest stop makes me able to get a consistent grip on my pistol and it feels so comfortable. I absolutely enjoy having this on my pistol!

  • 4
    Fits SVI single stack

    Posted by PC on Jun 10th 2022

    I got this for my SVI 5" single stack. It fits perfectly and tight. I didn't need to do any fitting at all. The pin is a bit longer than the one that came with my pistol, but not a big deal. The finish matches my polished small parts. External facing side looks excellent. The side that faces into the frame has machine marks all over, but you won't see it so it doesn't matter. The only reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is because the description said you can manually lock back the slide, which indeed you can, but the amount that catches on the slide is VERY minimal. If you bump the slide stop or do any jerky motions, it'll drop the slide. Also I feel given the lack of material holding the slide back, it'll peen the notch after a while. However, one of the main features is not to lock back the slide and that works perfectly. Given what I know about the lack of slide lock on the last round, I just won't manually engage it so preserve my slide notch. Removing the slide stop is also easier since you can just grab onto the thumb rest portion and pull outwards. Although I'm not a competitor at all, having this thumb rest makes me feel like I have a consistent grip on my pistol. Sure beats drilling holes into my beautiful SVI frame.

  • 5
    Nitro To the rescue

    Posted by David on Apr 8th 2022

    I’ve always run thumb rests on my Limited guns.. This year I changing to a 2011 from a Cz every option other then the Nitro Fin pushed my hand to far forward on the grip. The Nitro Fin was the only option available to retained a normal grip on my gun.

  • 3
    STI staccato XL

    Posted by Craig Campbell on Sep 1st 2021

    STI staccato XL bought this for my staccato XL as a thumb rest it works well with the feature of not having slide lock is a no go for competition keep in mind what you’re going to use it for for what the product says it is it’s good

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by M Stewart on Jul 18th 2021

    As advertised. Works great for my small hands

  • 5
    Nitro Fin 2.0

    Posted by Brian D on Aug 14th 2020

    I have been running Nitrofins since they first came out in the 1.0 version and have recently changed to the 2.0 version, I have them on both my .40 Limited gun and 9mm 3Gun pistol. The control and recoil management that you gain is incredible and really helps you shoot (especially on double taps) more accurately. It also disables the last round hold open which is a plus for me. If you want the upper hand in control for your race pistol give it a try.

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