About Us


Unique product innovations for the shooting sport world.

That mission statement remains our passion and our motivation. We continue to release product innovations every year that will help you achieve your goals in the shooting sports.  Above all we strive to provide the best products and service to our customers.

2012 Cudalube                        The high performance lubricant developed from hate.

2013 Nitro Fin 1.0                   Drop in Slide Stop, 2011 Thumbrest

2014 Scale Grips Tanfo 1.0      Unique grip design for the Tanfo plateform

2015 Scale Grips CZ 1.0          Unique grip design for the CZ plateform

2016 Nitro Fin Tanfo 1.0          Drop in Slide Stop, Tanfo Thumbrest

2017 Bottom Feeder                MPX Magwell
         Scale Grips 2.0               Scale Grips got agressive teeth

2018 X5 Tungsten                   Grip Modules and Tungsten Slugs for the Sig X5 plateform
         Scale Grips CZ Brass       Up the the weight limit

2019 Nitro Fin 2.0                    Drop in Slide Stop Thumbrest, 2011 Plateform
         MPXtractor                     Enhanced Bullet Proof, MPX PCC Extractor
         Nitro Fin 2.0X                 Drop in Slide Stop Thumbrest, 2011 Cheely Wide Frame

2020 .........                            ...........


I am very grateful to my fellow shooters and loyal customers who have helped us make Shooting Sports Innovations a known brand in our sport today. With your continued support and our continued hard work and innovation, we look forward to bringing you more exciting new products in the coming years.

Nathan Carter
General Manager
Shooting Sports Innovations